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What’s to Know About Amazon SNS Pricing

April 18th, 2018 | by Clare Louise
What’s to Know About Amazon SNS Pricing
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Amazon SNS stands for Simple Notification Service. This objective is fully flexible and provides notifications for your smartphones upon subscribing to them. This allows clients to send out notifications to their users (subscribed users), on all the clients’ updates and news feed. Anyone can start on Amazon’s SNS as it just takes a few command lines along with a simple API. Thus no need for complexity matters and hard tasks in order to get the outcome needed. It can also provide clients with tracking the number of users subscribing and being able to send the notification to them all at the same time needed.

The Amazon SNS pricing requires no upfront cost which makes it very desirable by clients everywhere. They can simply pay as they go and based on what they publish or send notifications to they will pat. They may also need to make for any extra API needed but the invoice will be sent as a whole as the end. Therefore, it makes users realize they can actually start the Amazon SNS for free at the beginning. The prices are very good and very affordable, especially since it will cost $1.00 to send out one million notifications to smartphones. This would technically be $0.50 per million publish with $0.05 on the amounts of notifications delivered to smartphones. However, there are other ways to exploit the price and make it decrease by using Amazons SNS tools. One would be the identical broadcast message to all users at once (no customizations). The best part is when you start on SNS you get monthly free push notifications for a certain amount of users. Therefore, when you think about it, it is a good price and a win-win for everyone.

Here are the main notification prices for users that would like to give it a try

  • Email/Email-JSON; the client would receive 1,000 free notification and then $2.00 per 100,000 notifications.
  • Mobile Push Notification; the client would receive one million of free notification and then $0.50 for one million notifications.
  • Worldwide SMS the client would receive 100 free and then prices will range depending on location and what is needed.
  • Simple Queue Service; no charge
  • Lambda functions are also of no charge
  • HTTP/s; 100,000 free notifications then the client will need to pay $0.60 for a million notifications.

Therefore, it is always best to figure out what is best suitable for you and your system. As well as finding a company that you can start plans with that offer the best deals along with client-customer trust. This is a very important element to look for when you need this time of business. You can also figure out which timetable that is best suitable for you and how you want to handle your notifications. Whether the notifications are standard or customized, this will all be up to what you want within your system.

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