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Why to buy Stargate 3DS for modding your New Nintendo 3DS XL or 2DS XL console?

September 11th, 2017 | by John Stanley
Why to buy Stargate 3DS for modding your New Nintendo 3DS XL or 2DS XL console?

If you want to mod your Nintendo New 3ds xl or 2ds xl console, no other card is a better choice than the upcoming one Stargate 3ds. Why this flashcard for new 3ds xl/new 2ds xl is the best one to buy for now, let me show you its main functions and features here.

Stargate 3ds flashcard

It is coming from, not any old flashcard companies. In this September, the latest flashcard for our 3DS system handhelds will be out to the puclic. It is a ds and 3ds game flashcard at the same time and according to the desciptio, it can work on any 3ds model and any firmware version. Besides that, Stargate 3ds card supports plug&play as the R4 3DS card and Sky3ds+. That’s to say, you can use it with very simple steps to play free NDS and 3DS games on your device. The price of this flashcard is cheaper than the Sky3ds+, which is the only 3ds v11.5 and 3ds game flashcard, so in 2017, it is very worthy to buy Stargate 3ds other than other flashcarts.

Why to buy Stargate 3ds for modding N3DS XL or NEW 2DS XL console?

Support All 3DS machines with any firmware version or from any region

Like the Sky3ds and Sky3ds+, the Stargate 3ds flashcart is working on all 3ds system handhelds and all firmware versions. And no matter you have an American or European or Japanese 3DS device, the Stargate 3ds card can work on it too,

  • NEW 3DS XL/NEW 3DS: V8.9 to V11.5 to any future update.
  • NEW 2DS XL(LL): V11.4 to V11.5 to any future update.
  • 3DS/3DS XL: V1.0 to V11.5 to any future update.
  • 2DS: V6.2 to V11.5 to any future update.

Support NDS/3DS/GBA/SNES/NES and other games within one cart

No like the Sky3ds/Sky3ds+ only plays 3ds games, R4 3ds card just supports ds games, the Stargate-3ds card can play both DS and 3DS games within one card and even on the latest 3ds firmware version. Before the Stargate 3ds, no one card can do that! It is meaning you have no need to buy 2 flashcarts, to buy nds/3ds game cartridge, or to use any other complex mean to play ds/3ds roms. Now with Stargate 3ds, you can play multiple free NDS/3DS games easily and safely on your gaming machine!

Additonally, it is also supporting emulate GBA/SNES/NES/Other games. So we can say that Stargate 3ds is a all game supported flashcard for your console.

Support Ntrboothax to install CFW on your 3DS console

Feel not enough hacking 3DS only via flashcard, also want to install CFW on your model. Yes, you can do it too via buying Stargate 3ds. It is compatible with NTRboothax to install CFW/Boot9strap on the new 3ds xl, new 2ds, 2ds and 3ds xl handhelds.

Support Plug&Play, fits for newbies and kids

Stargate 3ds is a plug&play flashcard to use too like Sky3ds+ and R4 3ds. So just download, plug and play, then the stargate 3ds is installed well on your machine. So if you want to buy one flashcard for a little kid or youself is a totally newbie or you are so busy that have no time to study how to mod a 3ds via CFW, then choose Stargate 3ds card is the best start.

Support Good performance and low power consuming

That’s another advantage of Stargate 3ds. Normally, a flashcard if it is having so much functions, it will consume your console power very quickly but the Stargate 3ds team promise us that their newest flashcard will be the one with” High performance ultra low power SoC”. So you are no need to worry about anything.

All in all, the Stargate 3ds flashcart is one card but brings unlimited free games, full cfws and the most simplicity to your Nintendo 3DS. It can satisfy your every need of modding a 3DS/NEW 3DS/NEW 2DS. There is no reason for you not to buy it, unless your console is having a CFW already.

In USA and United Kingom, which is the best site to buy Stargate 3ds?

Recommend you 3DS-FLASHCARD.COM and R4SKY3DS.COM. One is based in USA and the other is from Ireland, it is supporting shipping to UK too. From now on, if you buy Stargate 3ds card from them, you can enjoy safe payment paypal, lifetime ds/3ds game download code, guaranteed fast shipment, free tracking number and the most important point, you can leave a message to the site to get a voucher code to buy Stargate 3ds. Last but not least, they are both the official distributors of Stargate 3ds.

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